DAY 12 Cold and Wet

after i checked out Anchorage this morning I decided to to head north to Denali National Park, it started to rain for the whole ride to the park. Not fun, couldnt really see the mountian ranges. took a few pics that il post. It started down pouring pretty hard when I got into town and I had cell service again. I had Dawn do some hotel searches from back home and she found me this place with one cabin left but I would have to get there quick or they wont hold it, so back on the bike in the pouring rain 15 miles from where I was a half hour ago but I found it and holy shit is this place awesome. My cabin front door is 20 feet from the fast flowing river and the main lounge has these 2 girls in there that bake pastries and make coffee, im never leaving here, its heaven. and the view is unreal, i hope it clears up so I can take some pics. And for everyone asking me how im taking shots of myself is that little tri-pod next to my coffee and pastries things, or i just ask strangers to take my pic,lol

One thought on “DAY 12 Cold and Wet

  1. Joey June 4, 2011 / 2:09 pm

    You deserve a great break like that.

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