DAY 15 – 6719 Miles

Left Tok yesterday to head back into Canada on the Alaskan Highway. Again the 200 miles was insane with roads all messed up but I made it thru almost wiping out once, the people in the car behind didnt know how I stayed on the bike. I made some videos but this blog will not let me upload them. Settled in to a town called Johnsons Crossing. I want to head down to Prince George today on route 37 but a fire has the road shut down for several days now, I hope it is open when I get there, I just dont want to take the same roads.

One thought on “DAY 15 – 6719 Miles

  1. Dawn June 6, 2011 / 2:17 pm

    Closing my eyes….This is not something I want to read about. Be super careful. I miss you

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