Great 15th day

The day started out very cold and stayed that way for quite a few hours, pulled in for coffee and met 2 bikers from Philly that left the same day I did and they went to Missoula too to have new tires put on just like I did, funny world but they were heading north to Alaska, they said they were riding slow and got hit with that snow storm that I missed, anyway we talked and I warned them of the road after Distruction Bay. From there I started riding and the weather was getting warmer for a change and thats when I saw that bear from that pic I posted. I saw something black playing in the flowers so I pulled over and there was this cute young looking bear so I took some pics of him, he then got up and started looking at me. He started to walk slowly towards me so I put the camera away so I wouldnt stardle him, he came within 3 feet of me sniffing his nose in the air and then walked away and crossed the road into the woods. That was the coolest thing ever, I felt like the bear whisperer,lol. So I took off and stopped for something to eat and ran into some more nice people, every where I go people just want to chat, its great. Later on the skies started turning dark so I put my rain gear back on and sure enough the heavens opened up, now on a bike you just cant sit it out like your on Long Island , you have to ride it out till it ends, anyway its raining hard and these hairpin turns in the mountians have you squeezing the hell out of the grips hoping you dont slide off the edge because there are no guard rails on this highway. So I come around this turn and up ahead I think I see a horse, as I get closer I realize its one huge moose standing on the side of the road, mind you my visor is hard to see through with all the rain and Im praying that  the moose doesnt move, well as Im within maybe 100 feet he turns around and runs into the forest, I had no idea they were that fast. I wish he would have stayed still so I could have at least taken his picture. Well the skies cleared and the clouds where settling from the mountains as you can see in that one pic so I pulled into Fort Henry for the night and to dry all my stuff. What a great day.

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