I think every town had one of these
Bullet shells everywhere
Devils lake
Devils lake

Today I decided to go and see Devils Lake and wouldn’t you know it 2 miles into the road their doing construction and I’m driving thru mud. Good thing I got experience in that by There are no signs where to go so I just follow the construction trucks for a few miles but they turn off at the dirt pit so I keep riding. I’m thinking I should just turn around and go back but I like a good challenge. Up ahead I see a flag girl and pull over to see if she knows where this road goes and see does not. Her name was Ruth and I think we talked for at least 45 minutes. Great person I really enjoyed meeting her. So I proceeded to keep going and saw a sign for a town. It was a dirt road I’m I thinking what kind of town can be in here, well there was one old gas station and a really old bar. I saw this guy and pulled up to him, he was a very old native american indian that had no idea what I was saying and he was mumbling something back to me but I couldn’t understand what he was saying, he held up a big bottle of vodka and I think he wanted me to have some. Well I just got out of there real quick. I have a GPS but will only use it in extreme emergencies because my father taught me and my brother how to read a map before we learned to walk and he would have kicked me in the ass for using a GPS. I did find my way and had fun doing it too. Even when I pulled over to pee there were bullet shells all over. Took pics of them and took off fast, don’t need some drunk indian shooting at the white man lol. I got out of North Dakota and into Minnesota and pulled over to use the rest room at the rest stop. I walk out and there is this old woman lying on the ground with her frail husband trying to get her up so I picked her up and brought to her car and her head was bleeding pretty good but another person who pulled up took care of that, that was my good deed for the day. I’m riding the back roads today and staying off the interstates and I’m glad because its some good riding and it didn’t rain today. I crossed into Wisconsin and staying at the Sleepy Hollow Motel next to Lake Superior. Tomorrow I will be in Michigan Ill settle in  Ohio for the night. I have pics of today but can’t post them because there is no wifi to upload.


  1. Anonymous June 10, 2011 / 9:57 pm

    Your a good egg!….. Never drink vodka with an old native american outside a bar in the middle of nowhere, it never ends well! Miss you at the office, be safe and keeping enjoying your moments! 4ler out !

  2. mark chodroff June 11, 2011 / 10:52 am

    what a ride! watch out for the nitwits on the back roads,you can stop at CROWNS main office on the way home, bring back some good news HA HA,we had a hot spell but it was not that bad. Tom N. is your new FSM, other than that sos, take care and stay away from the drunks, Mark

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