DAY 17 – Over 8000 Miles

The day started out good,cold but plenty of sunshine as I left Grande Prairie Canada to head back to the states. Well not more than a hour into the ride it began to rain, pulled over and put on rain gear again. It rained for 4 hours until I hit Edmonton. Stopped at diner for lunch and read some posts from my blog. My friend Joey told me to slow down and relax because there is no rush to get home, well I took him up on that suggestion and when I pulled out of Edmonton the skies opened up and the sun finally came out. So taking Joeys advise I kicked back against my sleeping bag that is on my passenger seat, turned on the stereo and put on my ipod that Harry loaded with great rock an roll then hit cruise control to 72 mph, put up my legs and just enjoyed the ride for the next several hours and it was wonderful. The land out here is very flat with lots of farm land but I see lots of nothing growing on these lands,lots of oil fields too. I took some  pics of the land that I posted. I pulled in for gas and something to drink and I notice this thing pops its head out of the ground and I said what the hell was that, he comes out and starts playing inside this little bag, I asked someone what that was and she told me it was a prairie dog, it was cute, never saw one before, he had a mate and they were jumping from hole to hole. Anyway, took off and settled in a town called Battleford in Saskatchewan. Will be in North Dakota by lunch time tomorrow. Anyone know of any good interesting places I should stop at let me know before I pass it.

prairie dog prairie dog prairie dog

One thought on “DAY 17 – Over 8000 Miles

  1. denise June 8, 2011 / 11:24 pm

    Did you drive thru the bad lands in south dakota….freakin really cool by car has to be better on a bike

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