Ive been riding around America for years now and I love all of its beauty. This trip has gone beyond what I was expecting, I find it hard to believe that a lot of people I know would rather pay some corporate theme park all their money to sit in lines and be in crowds just so they can come back with Mickey hats on their head. WTF, we have this beautiful country with all its natural beauty and they still will want to go to theme parks. All of the small towns with mom and pop diners are just waiting to see you and tell you all the great wonders around them, they can use your money more than Disney or 6 flags, so many small gas stations and diners closed because we got too lazy to go out into the country,Im lucky right now to bedoing what Im doing and everyone keeps telling me how great this is but what about you, take your kids upstate and fish for a day or go to a national park and start giving your money to the real backbone of this country and not the corporations, a couple of days out of the year aint much to do but get out and see just how beautiful this country really is, I dont need a theme park because I have this beautiful country right outside my back door.   Just saying

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