Last Night In Alaska

Last night I stayed in a great place in front of a fast flowing river in between the mountians,had a great breakfast and coffee,after headed to Denali Park in search of some grizzlies but found none,so I headed to Fairbanks to the local Harley dealer so I can have some work done on my bike. Had to change the air filter it was too clogged. After I left I found a guy selling pulled pork and bbq brisket on the corner and just had to stop, good choice, really good,a couple from califonia sat with me and we talked about our experiences in Alaska,really nice people. So i decided to head to Tok where I will spend the night and start to head home tomorrow. The short time that i spent here will be with me forever and I want to thank everyone who has been following me and leaving comments,they have meant a lot to me. I hope you will stay with me until I get home and put my kick stand down and realize what a trip this has been. Thank you all again. John

DAY 12 Cold and Wet

after i checked out Anchorage this morning I decided to to head north to Denali National Park, it started to rain for the whole ride to the park. Not fun, couldnt really see the mountian ranges. took a few pics that il post. It started down pouring pretty hard when I got into town and I had cell service again. I had Dawn do some hotel searches from back home and she found me this place with one cabin left but I would have to get there quick or they wont hold it, so back on the bike in the pouring rain 15 miles from where I was a half hour ago but I found it and holy shit is this place awesome. My cabin front door is 20 feet from the fast flowing river and the main lounge has these 2 girls in there that bake pastries and make coffee, im never leaving here, its heaven. and the view is unreal, i hope it clears up so I can take some pics. And for everyone asking me how im taking shots of myself is that little tri-pod next to my coffee and pastries things, or i just ask strangers to take my pic,lol


Today I need to do laundry then see Anchorage. Afterwards I rode around to see the sites of Anchorage, not really what I expected but none the less a beautful place to visit. After leaving the harley dealer and and cruise around I decided to start heading to Denali because the rain was right behind me and with-in the hour on top of me, me and mother nature are just not getting along since the 1st day I left, was it something I said to make her mad because she has been throwing some pretty good stuff at me and I havent yeilded yet.


road construction on Alaskin Highway

When i got up this morning skys were overcast so pacted up bike and rode into town to find no one up making coffee so I decide to head towards Destruction Bay. On my way it started to rain but I stopped there for coffee and breakfast. the waitress told me to be careful of the road ahead, i said ok.with 200 miles to the american border even raining should be 2 hours or more. Let me tell you the horror of this road, the first 1000 came easy but i read past storys of the highways that swollowed up bikes in a heartbeat, not happening to me I said. The roads were buckling all over on each side,pot holes and craters 20 feet long and the rain coming down so hard I couldnt see, it was like being on a roller coster, being tossed in the air and slamming back down,could not be doing no more the 20mph when 2 other bikes come up from behind so i start to follow them and avoid there mistakes. We come to a stop in the road where this cute girl is holding up her stop sign and we can not proceed until the pilot car arrives and has us follow her threw the constuction zone. 15 minutes later it pulls up to let us follow, the road is all mud and gravel for 1 mile but it is ripped up like this until the border. Anyway its one messed up road and I have to take it back again because its the only way out. Later on I stopped in a town called Tok for lunch and little by little other bikers were showing and telling there horror storys of the last 200 miles on the alaskan highway.