DAY 19 – 8887 Miles

Yesterday i finally got out of Canada and back into the USA, Rode the northern routes of North Dakota rt.2 into Devils Lake and stayed for the night. I will do a little sight seeing and then head to Chippewa National Forrest in Minnesota. The weather is calling for rain for the next couple of days but what else is new. They have had so much rain up here, all the farm lands look like lakes, when I passed thru Minot yesterday half of it was under water, if you take a close look in the background of that pic of transformer man you can see his back yard is flooded. Other than that my body is still holding together but I am looking forward to getting home and seeing my wife and family and of course my dog.


Ive been riding around America for years now and I love all of its beauty. This trip has gone beyond what I was expecting, I find it hard to believe that a lot of people I know would rather pay some corporate theme park all their money to sit in lines and be in crowds just so they can come back with Mickey hats on their head. WTF, we have this beautiful country with all its natural beauty and they still will want to go to theme parks. All of the small towns with mom and pop diners are just waiting to see you and tell you all the great wonders around them, they can use your money more than Disney or 6 flags, so many small gas stations and diners closed because we got too lazy to go out into the country,Im lucky right now to bedoing what Im doing and everyone keeps telling me how great this is but what about you, take your kids upstate and fish for a day or go to a national park and start giving your money to the real backbone of this country and not the corporations, a couple of days out of the year aint much to do but get out and see just how beautiful this country really is, I dont need a theme park because I have this beautiful country right outside my back door.   Just saying

DAY 17 – Over 8000 Miles

The day started out good,cold but plenty of sunshine as I left Grande Prairie Canada to head back to the states. Well not more than a hour into the ride it began to rain, pulled over and put on rain gear again. It rained for 4 hours until I hit Edmonton. Stopped at diner for lunch and read some posts from my blog. My friend Joey told me to slow down and relax because there is no rush to get home, well I took him up on that suggestion and when I pulled out of Edmonton the skies opened up and the sun finally came out. So taking Joeys advise I kicked back against my sleeping bag that is on my passenger seat, turned on the stereo and put on my ipod that Harry loaded with great rock an roll then hit cruise control to 72 mph, put up my legs and just enjoyed the ride for the next several hours and it was wonderful. The land out here is very flat with lots of farm land but I see lots of nothing growing on these lands,lots of oil fields too. I took some  pics of the land that I posted. I pulled in for gas and something to drink and I notice this thing pops its head out of the ground and I said what the hell was that, he comes out and starts playing inside this little bag, I asked someone what that was and she told me it was a prairie dog, it was cute, never saw one before, he had a mate and they were jumping from hole to hole. Anyway, took off and settled in a town called Battleford in Saskatchewan. Will be in North Dakota by lunch time tomorrow. Anyone know of any good interesting places I should stop at let me know before I pass it.

prairie dog prairie dog prairie dog

My Final Thoughts On The Alaskan Highway

As my last 300 miles on the Alaskan Highway came to an end it gave me time to think about what I had just done. Getting to the highway was tough enough and almost called it quits 2 days before I got there. The long road was getting to me and Alaska just seemed further and further away, but I pulled it together and got there to the “0”mile marker in Canada and had just 1400 more miles to go to reach Alaska. Starting out on the road I always stopped for gas because you didnt know how far the next gas station was but I learned as I went. As far as eating goes, there are no fast food anything on that road except in Whitehorse. So every gas station had a little diner with its own personality, friendly owners that will help you with anything they can and travelers who want to here your story and share theirs. I was such a rookie on this road learning as I went, there were no riders coming back since I was one of the first riders going up, some stations didnt even have gas yet because the season didnt really start till this week. So I had no one to talk to about what I was in for, I kinda liked it like that anyway. The scenery was breath taking, without trying to sound gay but OMG you had to see what Ive seen, the smells, the open air, the wild life running free. Yeah it was that good. The bumps in the road at the end were bad but I got through, I think if Alaska had an NHL team that would be the nicest road on the planet but why should the Canadians care, the americans are the only ones to use it. Coming back on the Alaskan Highway I felt like a veteran running into bikers on the way up and telling them my story on the road and what to look out for and good places to eat, it was fun watching them just as I felt a few days earlier. Coming back down I noticed the longer lines for gas and all the motorhomes and trailers making there way up, Im so glad I missed that. The highway does have its dangers without a doubt, you must respect it and its history, I saw 2 flipped over cars within 3 miles of each other, I pulled over both times to see if anyone was in the cars but were already gone, probably driving too fast and avoided some animal, 2o miles down the road I saw a bear ripped in half and was reminded of the very long and fast driving truckers on this road. I am so happy I did this highway, my parents did it when they lived here in the 50’s an my 2 brothers were born here and I heard all the stories growing up. I knew one day I would get up here but I figured after I retired or something. This is something I will never forget and Im happy I got to do this while I still could. With that out of the way I still have a long journey home and the weather is just not liking me.